Monarch Midi FreeFlow Review

Ready to buy a water softener, but not sure if Monarch is the one for you? We’re here to help. This post is a Monarch Midi FreeFlow Review, which will tell you everything you need to know about this softener.

What Is the Monarch Midi FreeFlow Water Softener?

The Monarch Midi FreeFlow is one of the most popular electric water softeners available online, designed for the standard family home. 

It is an electric, single machine that is tablet salt fed.

Monarch Midi FreeFlow review
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Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener is for 2 or 3 bathroom homes.

The Monarch Midi FreeFlow Review Score & Rating


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

High Flow Rate & Low Price.

This product is ideal if you are looking for a cheap and affordable water softener that can be easily purchased online, from the likes of Amazon. This electric system claims to have a high flow rate and to be suitable for homes with up to 4 people.

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

Its Bigger, Electric & Has Higher Running Costs.

Being electric means this product can present several limitations and drawbacks. For example, the system needs to be plugged into an electric socket under the sink. This means the installation itself is more difficult and you’ll have to factor in electricity for  the overall running costs of the machine.

Not only that, but unlike non-electric softeners, electric systems require regular services every 2 years – which will cost you a call out fee each time. Electric power trips can also be an issue with these designs.

The Monarch Midi can do the job of softening water well, but long term costs may be an issue.

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Size

A single tank design, electric water softener.

Talbet salt only.

Size hxwxd: 555mm x 270mm x 485mm

  • Performance & Efficiency 

Salt usage: 1-1.9 Kg per regeneration.

Water usage per regeneration: 52L.

Regeneration time: between 51-144minutes.

  • Flow Rate & Soft Water Capacity 

Max Flow Rate: 78L/min ** BUT varies with water hardness!

Soft Water Capacity: NA

Min/Max Pressure: 1-5Bar.

  • Durability & Certification

WRAS certified.

  • Warranty 

7 Year warranty on parts, 2 year labour.

The Pros 

  • High flow. A High flow rate with a minimal pressure drop.
  • Lots of online reviews. Because it is so available to buy online, you’ll find plenty of online reviews/Trust Pilot reviews.
  • HE System. High efficiency system saving on salt.
  • 7 year parts warranty & 2 years labour. This will save you costs in the long run and also provides reassurance and security. 
  • High quality brand. Monarch are a popular and quality brand.

The Cons 

  • Needs to be serviced regularly. Must be serviced every 2 years due to it being electric. Customers claimed to pay £120 for a call out, followed by £18/hour next visit.
  • Electric. Making the running costs higher, installation more difficult and you could experience short circuiting. 
  • Manual regeneration. You’ll have to manually program the regeneration to a time when you are not using the water.
  • Single tank water softener. So the soft water supply is cut off as the system regenerates. 
  • Flow rate decreases with water hardness. So in hard water areas like London, the flow rate will be reduced and different from the specified max rate.
  • Shorter lifespan and overall value over time. Customers report issues with this model after around 3 years and report a 3-7 year life time. Consequently, at a lower initial cost, you may pay the price in the long run.

Price, Value & Where to Buy

£489.99 – £562.99

This Monarch water softener is a good value for money in terms of an initial buy and does the job. Monarch are a popular and reputable brand and many customers seem satisfied with this softener. Over time however, the initial cost of £563 may be increased with compulsory service call charges every 2 years, and higher running costs overall. Therefore, you may find better value for money by paying more for a softener that lasts longer, with a greater efficiency.

You can find this softener on Amazon or cheapest price we found was at City Plumbing.

We hope this Monarch Midi FreeFlow Review has been helpful, if you want to keep researching, checkout our other reviews below.

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