Water2Buy W2B200 Review

Searching for a softener? We can help. This post is a Water2Buy W2B200 Review, which describes everything you need to know about this product.

What Is the Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener?

The Water2Buy W2B200 water softener is a popular online choice on Amazon and an electric and single tank water softener. The system uses tablet salt. 

Water2Buy W2B200 Review
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Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener is for 2 – 3 bathroom homes.

The Water2Buy W2B200 Review Score & Rating


Rating: 2 out of 5.

Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

Low Price. Warranty. Available Online.

Water2Buy has been selling water softeners online for years and therefore you can find lots of reviews available to read on different platforms. At a buying price of £399.99, this softener certainly isn’t breaking the bank upon the initial purchase. However, it may not be the best value for money long term. 

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

Very Large Size, Electric, Single Tank.

When looking at the dimensions, for a single tank system – this product is large. For that reason, it may be difficult to install and to fit under the kitchen sink. The single tank design also means there is a lower flow rate and overall soft water capacity. This means the system will struggle to soften hard water in homes with 3-4 bathrooms.

Not only that, but you will lose your supply of soft water when the system is regenerating. To power the softener, you will need electricity and an available plug socket. As a result, it is less efficient in terms of running costs, and will require regular servicing.

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Size

Single tank. Electric. Tablet salt only.

Size hxwxd: 650x220x525  

  • Performance & Efficiency 

Salt usage: NA

Water usage per regeneration: 24L.

Regeneration time: NA

  • Flow Rate & Soft Water Capacity 

Max Flow Rate: Appears to vary with water hardness.

Soft Water Capacity: 1250L/day

Min/Max Pressure: 1-6Bar.

  • Durability & Certification

WRAS certified.

  • Warranty 

7 years Warranty & 2 years labour.

The Pros 

  • A pre-set regeneration time. At 3am when the water is not being used.
  • Lots of online reviews. Because it has been available to purchase online for some time, you’ll find online reviews to read.
  • Affordable. Low cost and easy to buy online.
  • Installation extras are included in the price. Pre fitted Bypass valves and connectors are included. 
  • 7-year parts warranty & 2 years labour. 
  • Metering system. Automatic digital meter control for better water and salt usage.
  • Long standing brand. Reputable company in the UK and Europe.

The Cons 

  • Needs to be serviced regularly. Must be serviced every 2 years due to it being electric – and after 2 years this will require a call out charge and fee.
  • Electric. Electric softeners have higher costs to run and are prone to cause power trips.
  • Lower Efficiency. More expensive to run than other systems. 
  • Single tank. So may only be suitable for small homes. Homes with 3 bathrooms could see drops in pressure. A single tank also means the soft water supply is cut off as the system regenerates.
  • Large height & size. This softener claims to fit underneath the kitchen sink, but is actually much larger than other water softeners.
  • Lack of specific information. There is little information on the specifics of this water softener including max flow rate and salt usage.

Price, Value & Where to Buy


Water2Buy sell some of the most reviewed softeners online. This product, is affordable, basic and best suited to smaller homes. However, its large size means it may be hard to fit and difficult to install under the kitchen sink. Being electric also means you will have higher running costs and have to pay more to maintain the product in the long run. The 7 year warranty is definitely a positive and you may get your money’s worth for £399.99.

You can find this softener on Amazon and Water2Buy Direct.

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