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About us: The Best Home Water Softener UK is an information and review based website & blog designed to provide information on water softeners and the water softening process. 

We are not a paid affiliate website and will under no circumstances take payments to write reviews or feature products. We only feature organic links to the products we have tried and trust – please do not enquire to have products featured or linked to. 

We aim to provide our customers with everything they need to know about hard water and water softeners on the market currently. We compiled the ratings and reviews on this website based on years of experience in water treatment, plumbing, water softener brands & models. Our independent reviews take into account all water softener features and considerations from price to efficiency and running costs.

We are currently looking to feature and compile more reviews from customers in the future. If you would like to enquire about submitting a review – please contact us. If you are a plumber who installs water softeners and would like to be featured on our “plumbers near you” page, please contact us using the online enquiry form. If you want to hear more about us or have questions feel free to get in touch.

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