Harvey Arc Review

Looking to purchase a Harvey water softener, but not sure which model is for you? We’re here to help. This post is a Harvey Arc review, outlining everything you need to know about the Arc.

What Is the Harvey Arc Water Softener?

The Harvey Arc is the latest model released from Harvey Water and is a non-electric, dual/twin tank system. This is a block salt softener and can only be purchased from Harvey directly, here in Southern UK areas.

Formerly Known as …

The previous model of the Arc was the Harvey HV4.

 Harvey Arc review
Image Credit: Harvey Water Softeners

Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener is designed for family homes with 3 bathrooms, that are located in hard to very hard areas. The Arc is a great up to date model with added technology and digital features.

The Arc Water Softener Review Score & Rating


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

It is Eco Friendly, Has a Mobile App & The Latest Release.

The Arc is the latest model on the market and therefore in terms of specification, should be the most advanced. However, this model’s technical specification does look familiar. In fact, it is identical to other models such as the former HV4 and Harvey S4.

So, what does this softener offer that is new? Well, although the S4 and HV4 are made with recycled materials, The Arc claims to be the most eco-friendly model available. With its outer casing being manufactured using 62% recycled plastics – making it 38% more eco-friendly than the other models.

What’s more, if you like the latest technology and are living up to date in the digital era, the Arc comes with a mobile friendly app to tell you when your salt levels are running low. Very cool.

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

Higher Price, Shorter Warranty & Only Available in the South.

If you live outside of London and Southern UK areas you might struggle to get your hands on the Arc as this product is only available from Harvey directly offline. Harvey can offer packages and they include installations and home surveys with their products. This can be great to save you a job of finding a plumber – but it can be costly. 

The price of the Arc can vary from customer to customer and being a newer model, the price is higher than other older models available, with some customers being quoted up to £1900. The actual specification (which you can find online at Harvey here), is the same as other previous models we found online, including the Harvey TwinTec S4 – which is more affordable at £1249.99, given it is the previous model. So, the question is – is being eco-friendly and a mobile app connection something you are looking for?

The main drawback on this softener is the warranty. We found the warranty to be only 3 years Vs 10 years when compared to the TwinTec S4 and MiniMax. Therefore, the added value may only be in the recycled casing and up to date technology.

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Type

A non-electric, dual tank.

Curved block salt fed water softener (salt is specific & must be purchased from Harvey).

Size: 487 mm Width: 202 mm Depth: 438 mm.

Made from 62% recycled materials (38% less plastic than previous models).

  • Performance & Efficiency

Salt usage: 300g of salt per regen

Water usage/regen: 17L.

Regen: 11mins.

  • Flow Rate & Capacity

Max Flow Rate: 56L/min.

Soft Water Capacity: 500L 

Max Hardness: 635ppm

Min/Max Pressure: 1-10Bar.

  • Durability & Certification

WRAS certified.

  • Warranty 

3 Years.

The Pros 

  • Its size. The smallest water softener in the world – great to fit easily under the kitchen sink.
  • More eco-friendly. We all know we need to look after the planet and play our part. The Arc has been manufactured using 62% recycled plastic and post-consumer waste. 38% less plastic is used to make this product than other older models. 
  • Advanced Technology. You can connect your softener to a mobile app which will tell you water and salt usage, as well as when your salt is running low and when it needs refilling.
  • A yes for combi boilers. A high flow rate of 56L/min and an operating pressure designed for a high flow.
  • Non-electric & twin tank. Constant soft water and an automatic metering system, so the softener regenerates when it needs to. It is easy to use and there are no controls or timers.
  • The most efficient. In line with the HV4 and S4 this softener uses the lowest amount of salt and water per regen with a high soft water capacity.
  • Harvey are reliable. Being a top UK brand, you can get in touch with Harvey easily and customers report great customer service. 
  • Looks good. The Arc looks good with a sleek and modern design.

The Cons 

  • Shorter warranty. 3 years Vs 10 years may cost you money in the long run and may suggest a shorter lifespan of the product itself.
  • More expensive and prices vary. If you want the latest model of any product – you need to be prepared to pay the latest price. You can only get price quotes from Harvey direct and these are found by customer to vary.
  • Same technical spec. The important bits in terms of actual performance such as flow rate, capacity and efficiency of this product appear to be the same as other models.
  • Special curved salt. The Arc uses special curved salt and so customers must purchase salt direct from Harvey. However – Harvey do pride themselves on providing premium grade block salt and the price is pretty similar to others on the market.
  • You need to live in the South of England. In the North West areas such as Manchester, you’ll have to look through local plumbers or research online to see which softeners are available to you.
  • Installations can be costly. Harvey takes all the hard work out of having the softener fitted – great. But you could find it more cost effective to source your own plumber.

Harvey Arc Price, Value & Where to Buy


We enquired with Harvey & customers to find the Harvey Arc price is around £1900 – £2100, including installation. Find out more on price straight from customer’s mouth – here. The Arc is the most efficient water softener and if you want an up to date and reliable water softener and is a good eco-friendly option. 

However, the functionality of the softener, in terms of its flow rate and efficiency, does remain the same as other older models and the product only comes with a 3-year warranty. To save money, you may be better off opting for a slightly older model like the TwinTec S4. For £1249.99 from NE Water Softeners, you could get an almost identical specification, the only thing missing is a smart phone app. If you are looking for the latest release and mobile app technology you can enquire about buying this model from Harvey.

We hope this Harvey Arc review has been helpful, if you want to keep researching, checkout our other reviews below.

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