Harvey HV4 Review

Looking for a twin tank water softener, but not sure which model is for you? We’re here to help. This post is a Harvey HV4 review, outlining everything you need to know about this softener.

What Is the Harvey HV4 Water Softener?

The Harvey HV4 is a relatively up to date water softener model which is essentially the same model as the Harvey TwinTec S4. It is non-electric, twin tank and runs using standard block salt. This softener can be purchased from Harvey directly in the south of the UK.

Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener has been designed for 3 bathroom homes.

The Harvey HV4 Review Score & Rating


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

Very Efficient, Good Spec.

The general ins and outs of this softener, fall in line with some of the latest models on the market from Harvey. It essentially has the same efficiency and flow rate as the TwinTec S4 and the Harvey Arc. These softeners appear to be the most efficient in terms of salt and water usage per regeneration, and overall running costs in general. 

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

A Higher Price & Hard to Find.

The main drawback on the HV4 is how hard it is to find. Customers report only being able to find this product through Harvey direct.

Not only that, but because the Arc is the latest model – you will likely be recommended the Arc over the HV4. Prices can vary from customer to customer due to exclusive over the phone and offline quotations only.

The product also only comes with a 3 year warranty which is not in line with 10 years offered by Kinetico water softeners and 7 years from other brands. This post from  Moneysavingexpert.com is a classic example of how customers report such a range in price. That means – you might not always be getting the best deal.

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Size

Non-electric, dual tank, block salt.

Size hxwxd: 490 x 205 x 440mm 

  • Performance & Efficiency

Salt usage: 300g per regeneration.

Water usage per regeneration: 17L.

Regeneration time: 11minutes.

  • Flow Rate & Soft Water Capacity 

Max Flow Rate: 56L/min.

Soft Water Capacity: 500L

Min/Max Pressure: 1-10Bar.

  • Durability & Certification

WRAS certified.

  • Warranty 

3 years.

The Pros 

  • Its small size. Perfect for installing under the sink.
  • Efficient. Is one of the most efficient in terms of running costs that you can find.
  • High flow rates & capacity. Perfect for power shows, high flow systems and combi boilers.
  • Non-electric & twin tank. Therefore, easy to use, automatic and lower running costs. 
  • Harvey are reliable and offer installation. Harvey have great customer service and can include installation. Great for if you don’t know where to start with finding a plumber.
  • Looks good. A nice modern design. 

The Cons 

  • Prices vary. Customers can receive a range of different price quotes. 
  • Shorter warranty. 3 years Vs 10 years. If there are issues after 3 years it may cost you money.
  • Same technical spec as other Harvey models. With the same flow rates and efficiency as other Harvey designs – the important thing boils down to the price of this unit.
  • Hard to find. You’ll have to go to Harvey direct or a known distributor.

Harvey HV4 Price, Value & Where to Buy


Customers report a variety of prices on the HV3 and HV4 on Moneysavingexpert.com. Prices with installation, were around £1600.

The softener itself is a quality system and of the most efficient you can get. If you can get a good price under £1500 with installation, we say go for it! But if you have a plumber ready – it may not be the one for you. Not only that, but if you are looking for a longer warranty and more reliable product, you may be better off going for a Kinetico Water Softener. You can find this softener by going to Harvey direct.

We hope this Harvey HV4 review has been helpful, if you want to keep researching, checkout our other reviews below.

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