Harvey MiniMax M3 Review

Looking to find out more information on the Harvey MiniMax M3? You’ve come to the right place. This Harvey MiniMax M3 review outlines everything you need to know about this product.

What Is the Harvey MiniMax M3 Water Softener?

The Harvey MiniMax M3 is a 4th generation water softener from Harvey. If you aren’t aware already, Harvey offer a range of different water softeners, which are sold through different distribution channels. If released at the same time, most of these water softeners are actually the same but are branded differently. Each different brand is sold by exclusive retailers or dealers. For example, The MiniMax range is the same as the TwinTec range in terms of specification, with the Harvey TwinTec S4, being the MiniMax M3’s equivalent.

The MiniMax, has a twin tank design. It is a mid-range softener, which requires block salt. It is not the latest model, however, the efficiency and specification are almost identical to the most up to date ARC model.

Formerly Known as …

The previous model of the MiniMax was the Harvey Minimax M2.

Harvey minimax m3 review
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Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener is designed for family homes with up to 3 bathrooms. It is a more efficient and better quality and more up to date softener, than older and former models such as the Harvey Crown.

The MinMax Water Softener Review Score & Rating


Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

Good Specification, Efficient, Available Online. 

Being from the 4th generation of Harvey models – the M3 has an up-to-date specification and is one of the most efficient models you can buy. It is almost to the Harvey TwinTec S4 (the MiniMax has a slightly lower flow rate) and its specification is also very similar to the Harvey ARC. If you can get the system for a good price, it’s a great investment and also comes with a standard 10-year warranty.

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

Can Be Higher in Price & Hard to Find.

Similarly to other Harvey models, because the Minimax is part of an exclusive dealer network, it can be hard to find online. Many sellers also make installation as part of the package – meaning you may pay way more than you need to. The softener itself is the same as other models, but the price may make you think it is more superior than it actually is. The MiniMax M3 is made by Harvey and has the same specification as the Harvey TwinTec S4. You may find the TwinTec S4 is a more affordable option (and the same product).

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Type

Twin cylinder tank, non-electric and uses block salt.

Size: 487 x 202 x 438mm

  • Performance & Efficiency 

Salt usage: 300g per regeneration.

Water usage per regeneration: 17L.

Regeneration time: 11minutes.

  • Flow Rate & Soft Water Capacity 

Max Flow Rate: 51L/min.

Min/Max Pressure: 1-10Bar.

  • Durability & Certification

WRAS certified.

  • Warranty 

10 Year Warranty.

The Pros 

  • Its size. It is small and so can fit under the sink.
  • A yes for combi boilers. It has a pressure designed for pressure fluctuations, to suit high flow and combi boilers.
  • Non-electric and very efficient. With low running costs.
  • Is a twin tank softener. Meaning soft water 24 hours a day.
  • 10 year warranty.

The Cons 

  • Price Can Vary & it may be Hard to Find. This softener is sold as part of Harvey’s dealer network. Therefore, it can be hard to find at a good price. Many sellers may include the installation as part of the purchase too which is an additional cost and could mean you paying more than you need to. 
  • Slightly Lower Flow Rate. But for a higher price, you might expect a higher flow rate than other Harvey models.

Price, Value & Where to Buy


The MiniMax M3 is one of the more up to date Harvey models and so has a great specification. It is a high-quality softener and well suited for the average family home of up to 3 bathrooms. It also has a 10-year warranty and so we recommend this product as a good home investment. However, its availability can vary depending on where you are located and prices can also vary. With only a slightly lower flow rate, this product is similar to other Harvey models, we recommend researching all the different systems before purchasing. The Harvey TwinTec S4, appears to essentially be exactly the same, but more cost effective at £1249.99 at NE Water Softeners.

The MiniMax can be found from some offline dealers and also second hand on Ebay. You can find out more about the MiniMax online here.

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