Kinetico Premier Maxi Review

Searching for a large water softener? We’re here to help. This post is a Kinetico Premier Maxi Review, containing everything you need to know about this product before you buy.

What Is the Kinetico Premier Maxi Water Softener?

The Kinetico Premier Maxi is a non-electric, twin tank water softener. This softener is larger than the Kinetico Premier Compact and therefore is designed for bigger homes. The system is designed to use either block or tablet salt. 

Is It the Best Choice for My Home?

This softener is designed for 4 or 5 bathroom homes.

The Kinetico Premier Maxi Review Score & Rating


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Summary: What’s Great About This Softener 

Great Quality. Warranty. Available Online.

The Kinetico Premier Maxi is a top-quality water softener available online from Kinetico – one of the best softening brands you can buy. This softener will cost you a more expensive price than most other smaller twin tank systems, but this extra cost has added value in a premium level of quality and service.

The product itself has a 10-year warranty and 2-year labour warranty, which provides a level of reassurance to any purchasing customer. With a high flow rate of 56L/min this softener is designed for larger family homes with 4 main bathrooms. 

It is also pretty economical and might save you money in the long run. The softener is non-electric, meaning lower running costs and it also has a low salt consumption, with a regeneration time of just 11 minutes. So, for larger homes and those with a bigger budget – it’s a great choice. 

Summary: What’s Not So Great About This Softener 

Higher Price. Larger in Size.

The size of this softener is bigger than models such as the Kinetico Premier Compact, and so it might be difficult to fit under the kitchen sink. What’s more, this unit comes with a higher price tag of £1995 (excluding installation). So, although it a great choice – it may not be a good choice for those on a tight budget. We advise shopping around and direct enquires to get the best price. When enquiring directly, we found the best price was from NE Water Softeners. We found a saving of around £200 – alongside a polite & helpful team who ensured we would not find a better price – also offering to beat any price if we did.

This system is designed for 4-5 bathrooms and up to 8 people. However, if your home is very large and has 6+ bathrooms, a flow rate of 56L/min may not be big enough. As a result, you may be better off with a softener such as the Harvey XL2 or Big Blue.

The Technical Specifics:

  • Design & Size

Twin tank. Non- electric. Tablet salt but block salt can also be used.

Size dimensions hxwxd: 290mm x 689mm x 691mm

  • Performance & Efficiency
  • Salt usage: 500g.

    Water usage per regeneration: 34L.

    Regeneration time: 11 minutes.

    • Flow Rate & Soft Water Capacity 

    Max Flow Rate: 56L/min

    Min/Max Pressure: 1-8 Bar.

    • Durability & Certification

    WRAS certified.

    • Warranty 

    10 years Warranty & 2 years labour.

    The Pros 

    • Amazing quality.  Kinetico are one of the best water softener brands you can get and very popular in the UK, Europe and USA.
    • Non electric. Being non-electric has several advantages. It not only provides lower running costs, but it is also easy to install and automatically regenerates.
    • Twin tank design. A twin tank design means you won’t ever be without soft water.
    • Efficient. This larger water softener uses just 500g of salt per regen and does so in just 11 minutes. 
    • 10-year parts warranty & 2 years labour. Being a premium quality brand means Kinetico can offer longer warranties.
    • Quiet drive. Meaning you won’t hear the system regenerating.
    • A good flow rate that works well with high pressure systems. Perfect for larger family homes with more people and for mega flow and combi boilers.

    The Cons 

    • It’s more expensive. So not ideal for tight budgets.
    • Is being replaced. Kinetico have released a newer model – the Premier Plus which replaces the Maxi.
    • Parts can be expensive. This of course only applies after the 10-year warranty is up.
    • Not for very large homes. 6 bathrooms or more and you may need a softener with a larger flow rate.

    Kinetico Premier Maxi Price, Value & Where to Buy

    £1795- £1995

    Kinetico products are sold online but through very few resellers – for that reason they can be difficult to find. The best price we found was through NE Water Softeners – they offer a water softener discount code of £100 off their range of both Harvey & Kinetico systems, but through contacting directly, we managed to receive £200 off this model in particular.

    This premium softener is a high-quality product with a great warranty that is designed for homes with 4-5 main bathrooms. If you have a home with 6 or more bathrooms, the flow rate of this product may not be enough to support your home and you may be better off going for a larger water. For example, very large softeners such as the Big Blue from Harvey have larger flow rates of 80L/min. But if your home has 4-5 bathrooms – this is the product for you.

    Update: There is now a new and improved version of the Maxi at the same price which is the Kinetico Premier Plus.

    We hope this Kinetico Premier Maxi review has been helpful, if you want to keep researching, checkout our other reviews below.

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